An introduction-this is my happily ever after

My name is Tammy and I have a wonderfully amazing husband and we’re expecting our first child this June. Ryan and I got married October 2011. April of 2012 I moved from Pennsylvania to Kansas to be with him.

Ryan’s in the Army active duty and I could not be prouder of what he has accomplished, what he does and who he is. I claim to be a stay at home wife and I am for the most part but I am a Thirty-One Independent Consultant which I do part time for a little extra cash and for the products.¬†

We have a cat and a dog. Our cat’s name is Glock and he’s a very odd, sometimes frustrating 6-ish year old. Harley, our pup, just turned a year old in December and while she’s not perfect we wouldn’t trade her for anything.

Did you see the part where we’re expecting? I still can’t believe it! The end of June/early July is when this little boy should make his entrance into this crazy world. I’m just a couple days shy of 24 weeks (yay viability!) and things are getting real! I love that I’m feeling him daily now with more distinctive patterns. I’m also feeling more anxious that ready or not (and we’re not ready)¬†this baby is coming in about 16 weeks, give or take a week or two.

So in a nutshell..that’s me..well us, and I can’t wait to start chronicling this never ending journey!