Dawson’s Birth Story

On Wednesday 8/26 at 5:30 am I called L&D (at their instruction) to see if they wanted me to go in to be induced. They told me we were good to go, go ahead and shower and eat a light breakfast then come in. I was so nervous I almost said forget about it, I can wait. But then I remembered I was so incredibly miserable. Ryan was already up and had been getting ready to go to PT just in case L&D was too busy for me to go in so we spent a few minutes deciding what he was going to do, go in to PT and then go to the hospital or just go to the hospital. Thankfully we decided to just go to the hospital. So I took a shower and ate a bowl of cereal and made sure our hospital bags were ready and everything at the house was pretty much taken care of. Then we took Harley to our friend’s house and made our way to the hospital. We got there about 7:30 because apparently it takes 2 hours for Ryan and I to get ready.

We got there about 8, they started pitocin about 9. This is when I found out the reason they were inducing me when I was 40 weeks and 1 day instead of waiting is because I had gestational hypertension and no one had told me until this point. My normal, non pregnant blood pressure is usually about 112/60-ish and for the last half of my pregnancy my blood pressure was just under 140/80, yikes!  I had already been dilating-I was 3 cm at 39 weeks and 4 at my 40 week appointment on Monday and still a 4 when I was admitted. Things were quite boring for a while. Ryan and I watched Supernatural and Bones and I made him go down to the cafeteria to get food to sneak me because I was starving.

About 1:00 pm I started getting painful contractions and I tried breathing through them and different positions but they started coming more frequently and painfully. At about 1:30 I asked for Nubane since I didn’t want the epidural. I didn’t get it till 2 because they needed to check me again before they gave it to me but I couldn’t sit or lay down because of the pain. I was at a 5 so they gave me the Nubane. I immediately felt really lightheaded, drowsy and nauseous in between contractions but it didn’t dull the contractions at all and they kept getting faster and harder. Ryan and I talked about getting the epidural and when the nurse asked me at 3 if I wanted it I said yes. I hadn’t planned or wanted to get one but there was no way I could have prepared for the amount of pain I was in from the contractions. At about 3:30/3:45 they finished the epidural and that was such a LLLOOOOOOONNNNNNGGGGG half an hour. While they were putting in the epidural the anesthesiologist was asking me questions, trying to make conversation and distract me but I was in so much pain it was such a surreal experience, I could hear everything going on and participate but I was out of it. It did take a few minutes to really kick in which worried me it wasn’t going to help but once it did kick in all I felt was pressure when a contraction hit and it was amazing!

At around 4:00 pm the midwife broke my water and she told me she could feel his hair! 🙂 Once I started feeling a lot more pressure for longer periods of time they checked me and his head was right there and it was time to push. This was probably around 5/5:30, we had to wait for the room to be set up and the midwife to come in and then it was go time! I pushed maybe 10 times total with practice pushes and he born at 6:02 pm. They put him right on me and all I could do was cry. I knew I had been pregnant and we had a baby coming but it was still amazing to me that there was a baby and I brought him into this world.  I did end up with a second degree tear but he came out so fast. Thanks to the epidural I didn’t feel any pain from that or the stitching. I did however feel when I had to push and I could also feel his little head moving before he came out. The first pee and shower (I showered that night) were pretty painful because I was so sore from tearing.

The day after in the hospital was kind of interesting. Ryan had to leave because we had to be completely out of our house in preparation for the cleaners and carpet cleaners to come so we would be good to go on the move out inspection. Unfortunately because it took so long he ended up staying in our hotel room that night. The nurses at the hospital I delivered at are very hands off and really only came in for checking vitals on both of us. Well that night a storm came in and knocked the power out. We’re in a hospital, not a problem, right? Wrong, when the back up generators finally kicked on the only light that came on in my room was the bathroom light and that door was mostly closed. It took a while for the nurse to finally come in and check on us (my call button also was out) and when she did she told me that a woman a couple doors down from me had delivered with her husband holding a flashlight so the doctor and nurses could see, can you imagine?

We had such an amazing and positive labor and delivery experience, I definitely feel so incredibly blessed. Both Ryan and I fell completely in love with Dawson right away and our lives are so much better with him in it. Being a mother/parent and having your baby here is a million times greater than being pregnant 🙂

And of course, pictures!


first time Daddy held him 🙂


the day we brought him home :)

the day we brought him home 🙂


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