Nesting? Preparing for baby? Anxiety.

We hit 30 weeks this past Tuesday!! Yikes, only 10 more weeks to go? Ryan doesn’t understand why this makes me anxious, there’s so much to be done still and so much to be bought. I finally made a list of things to be packed in our hospital bags, and a list of necessities for the baby we still need to buy. I also need to make a list of things to do before he comes.

Things we have done:

-Scheduled maternity pictures

-Set the time and date for the baby shower

-Ordered all the cloth diapers we’ll need for the newborn stash

-Received 2 boxes of clothes (sizes newborn, 0-3 months and some maternity clothes) from my sister

-Washed and put away the newborn clothes, towels, wash clothes, receiving blankets, burp cloths and fabric I bought to make a blanket for him and other things like burp cloths

-Did a little shopping- some things I’ll personally need after baby arrives, a dress for pictures/baby shower, a pair a maternity shorts, a set of baby towels and washcloths, and turquoise (squee!) plates and napkins for the baby shower

-Bought and washed a Moby wrap

-Today I’ll be washing and putting away the 0-3 months clothes just to get them off the table 🙂

What’s left? Soooo much! I need to make a list anyways, so let’s make one.

-I need to finish buying decorations for the baby shower, order the cake, figure out games, etc.

-Make sure Ryan has an outfit that compliments mine for maternity pictures

-Baby classes are next month

-Our bedroom needs rearranged for the pack n play and any other baby stuff we need to fit in there

-Once all the cloth diapers arrive they need prepped

-We’ll need to buy any baby necessities that we aren’t gifted at the baby shower

-I really want to at least make the baby blanket I got the fabric for at a minimum

-Hospital bags and diaper bag need packed (do I have everything I need for this??)

-I should probably finish reading 1 or 2 baby books that I started

Can this really be it? I feel like there should be more but am having a hard time thinking of things besides maybe doing a deep cleaning (or hiring someone to do it) and packing up the office and other things that can go into storage. This is definitely one reason to be thankful that we have no reason to decorate/put together a whole nursery (besides the saving money aspect of it).

You might be thinking “well she has 10 weeks left, plenty of time” and while this is true, we actually don’t have all that amount of time left. Ryan left Friday for 2 weeks for training so that’s time that he can’t help me with anything and the week he gets back we have our first child birthing class (which he’ll probably miss), maternity pictures and the baby shower. So make that 3 weeks that we’re limited on what we can do.


Anxiety accurately describes what I’m feeling-unprepared, rushed and so excited to meet our little one!


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