What will I do? (post baby)

Lately I’ve found myself thinking about doing things that will essentially keep me busy after the baby comes. 

-My first thought was becoming a consultant for another company. This may still be a possibility. I want something that will help me save money and hopefully make me a little money at the same time. There’s a few possible options for this: 

  • My sister is an Avon consultant so of course she suggested Avon. I do semi-regularly order from her (it would save me money). It’s a cheap start up cost ($10). I also love that you can order samples to give out/try on your own.
  • love Scentsy. I’m frequently ordering from a consultant back home, I’ve purchased 3 warmers myself and my sister also gave me a warmer for Christmas. I know people from back home would order from me since there’s not many consultants plus people I’ve become close to. And this would also save me money.
  • After this baby comes I’m really looking into getting into shape. I’m going to be moving back home temporarily and my sister suggested Curves. I checked it out online and there’s a couple things I love about it: the circuit workout-total body workout that burns 500 calories each time and they’ll help you meal plan. I also want to get back into running but when I move back home it’ll be around September and I’ll only have a limited amount of time before it gets cold and starts snowing. I could get a membership to the Y but if I enjoy Curves doing both would obviously double the gym cost per month. I also have the Turbo Fire workout DVDs. This brings me (the long way) to another option: being a Beachbody Coach. As a military spouse I can sign up free and get discounts on the workouts and other products, yay! Plus Ryan wants to get in shape/lose weight while he’s deployed and may be willing to try some Beachbody options, it would benefit us both.
  • I could also do something else completely different and maybe even something new.

-Ryan and I have talked before about going back to school. If you go too long between jobs and you’re not doing something to benefit your career it doesn’t look that great, even if it means you’re being a stay at home mom. I never completed my associates degree and when I moved to Kansas I was able to quit my job and not get another one. Ryan recently got promoted and we’re even more fortunate that I can afford to stay at home especially with a baby on the way (I can’t imagine and definitely feel for the mom’s who have to return to work and put their babies in daycare). I was never sure what I’d go back for but when I talked to Ryan about it the other night I think we have it figured out. The plan right now is that I’ll go back and finish my associates with a degree in something like office administration or book keeping (I’ve been looking at work at home options and book keeping is one of the top options and I would love to be able to do this eventually, best of both worlds!) . After I finish that I’ll go back for an associates for paralegal. I’ve always considered paralegal as an option and getting both associates will give me options. In the next couple of weeks I plan on going to the education center on post and talking to someone to get advice, see if this is a good plan and making an action plan.

-After spending too much time on Pinterest, I decided there’s a LOT of reasons I should learn how to sew. There’s so much I could make: crib bedding, burp cloths, bibs, a portable changing pad, a playmat, a cover for my Kindle Fire, etc, etc. I’d also need to buy a sewing machine but I feel it’s a good investment and Ryan thinks it wouldn’t take up too much space. Plus..if I got really good at making a certain item or items I could sell them and make some money.

So what will I do? I’m leaning most towards all of them. I definitely should go back to school. In order for us to pay out of pocket for it all I’ll probably only take 2 classes per semester and I can do them online or find a babysitter (specifically my family while I’m back home that we’d still pay) for a couple days a week. I can also take on another direct sales company (Beachbody coach? and Avon? I’m still not decided). And learning to sew is something we would definitely benefit from, we could save money from it, I can do it in my free time and maybe eventually make money from it. 

I realize that I may be feeling a little overly ambitious right now. I do wonder how much energy and time will I really have after the baby is here. And as I stated above, we are really fortunate that Ryan makes enough that I can stay at home and we don’t really have to cut back that much and we can still save each month. Luckily I also have time to decide and iron things out while I prepare for everything to change.


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